Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Town

Went and saw "The Town" with the hubby and a couple friends a few days ago.  After hearing about how great it is and seeing the wonderful reviews it got...I must say I was just a smidge disappointed.  Not to say it was a bad movie...I'm not going to give it a bad review it all...it just...wasn't what I imagined it to be, I guess.

The movie about a group of kids who grew up together in Charlestown, now adults and who now answer to a guy called "the florist".  They are part of a mob/gang that has been located in that part of town for pretty much all their lives.  They basically go in and rob banks, rob armored trucks, and take out those who stand in their way.  In the midst of it all, Ben Affleck's character falls in love with a main witness from a bank robbery.  Blake Lively stars in the movie as well as a crack head single mother who gets faced with some difficult decisions.

The movie starts with (in a Boston accent): "Driver's name is Arthur Shea. Former Metro Police officer, fifty-seven years old. Soon as his partner leaves with the coal bag, Artie cracks a Herald, and he don't look up 'til the guy gets back. Marty Maguire. Cummins Armored courier. Five-ten, two-twenty, fifty-two years old. Picks up every Wednesday and Friday at exactly 8:12, makes a hundred and ten dollars a day, carries a Sig nine. And he's about to get robbed."  So straight from the beginning you get the idea behind the movie.  They do their homework on the "job", do the "job", and get away with it.  It all leads up to the biggest job ever in the end...worth over a couple million.  Of course ladies and gentlemen, that's where everyone gets trigger happy.

Overall, it's a great movie to go see, I don't know that I'll go out and buy it when it comes to DVD but it's a good movie none the less.

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