Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Current FanFiction Stories

So, I usually read FanFiction Twilight stories that are complete.  I tend to shy away from incomplete stories as the authors often get busy with real life and neglect readers with updates.  I am however in the middle of 2 yes, 2! stories that are incomplete!  The authors are doing great at updating and the stories have me "sucked" into their wolds!

First up:  There Will Be Blood by JohnnyBoy7

Set in Chicago, the story is about the Cullens...the mob bosses that rule Chicago and most of the world.  Edward is second in command and is dealing with everything from cocaine, alcohol, OCD, and a major love of sex with anything that has a vagina.  Bella is an incoming freshman at college and "bumps" into the one and only Edward Cullen.  She won't give into his usual panty dropping antics and there begins the game of "cat and mouse" that Edward is so sure he'll win. 

This author updates twice a week (quite a rarity and wonderful thing)...Tuesdays and Fridays.

I'm absolutely in LOVE with this story.  It gets gruesome (and lemony...mmm!), Edward has some major issues (when does Edward ever NOT have issues?), and Jacob never gets in the way to create a sloppy love triangle (yaaaay!).  I told the author that I have been engrossed in his story for the past 3 days with my husband wondering if I was still in love with him...it's THAT good.  Read...read...scoot!!  Go!

...And for the second story:  Let's Get Physical by Lalina

Set in Forks, WA, Edward is a physical fitness trainer at a gym, single and very hot.  Bella, just had her jerk of a husband James walk out on her saying he wanted a divorce because Bella has "turned into the Goodyear fucking Blimp".  So Bella takes that as her cue to go ahead and get back into shape.  After getting Edward as her trainer though...things get heated up.

I adore this story in the fact that it's seemingly realistic with the fact that Bella isn't your 102 lb, size 0, 35 yr old woman.  She's a real woman that has dealt with shit in life and found that food was a way to stop the pain.  This author tends to update once a week.  She writes more on the fluffy/lemony side.  But it's soooo good!!  So go read the story already!!!

Again, both stories are great!  They are very different so depending on what style of books you like...one or both of these will get you going!  :)

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