Monday, October 11, 2010

Post Secrets

Post Secret has been a website that I just can't seem to forget...but one I can only check so often.  It's such a sad website, yet one that is completely liberating to others.  Basically the idea is to have an admission of a secret, a terrifying blurb of information that you feel would ruin your life if someone you knew or family knew about.  This information is something that might make your family shun you or something you've had bottled inside you that you.

All the secrets get sent to "someone" on a little postcard, completely anonymous, and yet so very intimate.  The things that hurt, the things that make us cry, that one comment that we'll never forget (even from 10 years ago), the baggage we's all laid bare on that website.

It's amazing the pain we all suffer.  Everyone looks so amazingly fresh, so untouched by the world, like life is SO amazing!  Yet, there's that one part in our lives that haunts us or even taunts us to know that if the ONE thing came out in our circle of friends or loved ones...that it just might ruin us.  A lot of times the fear of that one piece of information overwhelmingly gets in the way of peace.  It takes a lot of guts to say something.  At least these people are getting to say what they feel inside.

I wonder if you were to see your postcard plastered on PostSecret...would it be a comfort or a panic attack?

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