Thursday, September 16, 2010

Guilty Pleasure Reading

*hides behind a pillow... Ok, so I have a little confession I need to make...

I have been doing some heavy guilty pleasure reading lately. After reading "The True Story of Hansel and Gretel"... which is about the idea that maybe Hansel and Gretel were really just two Jewish children sent into the woods together to escape the Nazis in Poland as the Germans started their harsh imprisonment. The book is not for the faint of heart, it does deal with the harsh realities of rape, death in prison camps, and the ugliness of death. So....

...I've found that I needed a bit of a breather...and I found one! A VERY guilty breather...which fortunately has like 20 books to the series. The best part is that they're all novels, so you can read any of them as they stand alone, but all have to do with a community of characters and each book is the story of each character and their circumstances.

The series is by: Christine Feehan and the series is called the "Dark" series since every title begins with "Dark...". For instance, the first book is "Dark Prince" followed by "Dark Desire" then "Dark Gold" get the picture. I still haven't been able to get a copy of "Dark Prince" from the library yet, but managed to read the last two books of the series ("Dark Curse" and "Dark Slayer") along with "Dark Gold" and "Dark Magic" (two of the books near the beginning).

It is a paranormal romance it does get explicit with wording, sex scenes and deaths...but the writing is so easy to read that I've read 4 books in 6 days...

The series is based on Carpathian "vampire" men and women who are not yet vampires, but do drink blood to survive. Every Carpathian man and woman have what's called a "lifemate" and when they unite themselves together their souls become one. The male Carpathians have a limited time frame to find their lifemates, as when time wears on they begin to lose themselves into the darkness by losing emotions, senses, and even seeing colors. When they find their "woman/lifemate" she is the light to his soul to bring him back from the brink of eternal darkness of becoming a full fledged vampire. Finding a lifemate isn't just finding some random person to marry, it's actually finding the person who has the other half of your soul to make you complete. So it will sometimes take the male centuries to hunt and find his lifemate.

So if you're not into paranormal or into romance...I would steer clear of it if I were you, but after having my doubts about the books...I seriously can't stop reading them. I've even gone all around Dallas, Plano, Carrollton, Farmers Branch, Allen...etc to get library cards so I won't have to be put on hold to read any of the books... *sigh How sad is that?

Anyways...just thought I'd share the love!

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