Monday, October 25, 2010

RED ...the movie

File:Red ver7.jpgSo my hubby and I went and saw the movie RED the other night.  The title stands for "Retired Extremely Dangerous".  Basically the plot is that a retired CIA black ops agent, Frank Moses (aka: Bruce Willis) is living his day to day life when someone from Langley marks his file "RED" and orders he be taken out.  The story evolves into his getting the "old gang" (literally "old") back together.  Pretty soon 3 ex CIA agents join the team (Morgan Freeman, John Malkovich, and Helen Mirren) and go out to find who has placed his file on "RED".

The story is a good one.  The mom on "Weeds" (Mary-Louise Parker) is in the movie and I completely adore her, so I was very excited to see her in the movie!  :)  It made my heart happy.  It's a crack-up film with a lot of action.  Corny is some parts, but overall a good movie.  I would have probably waited to see it on Netflix or when it came out on DVD, but it was a good movie to randomly watch that didn't require a lot of thinking! 

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