Saturday, April 3, 2010

It's so great

So Thursday night, the Easter bunny shows up (aka: Mom, Dad, and Emily) with two great big baskets of candy, crayons, coloring books, name it! Talk about exciting! :) Totally made my day!

Friday was a good day in the fact that I made a recipe for "Apricot Glazed Chicken" and it actually was good! I mean...I can't usually the fact that I pulled off that plus a salad, green beans, and pasta...I was SO proud of myself. I've been experimenting lately and have found myself cooking dinner just about every night this, what can I say? If I find I can make the money, don't go out! Make it at home!

Today has been a good one!! My husband left me in bed this morning and ended up waking me up by calling me at 8:30 am to inform me that he was in line at the Apple store for the iPad. :) So we ended up spending the day at Starbucks sitting outside playing with the new iPad, I read a book, and Oakley slept under the chairs. We came home, I finished laundry, cleaned the kitchen, and then sit down to find that my friend Sarah had updated with a good report on Samuel! *happy dance* Plus the fact that the weather outside is gorgeous and Marcus took the top is off of the Land the ride was a little windy, but it still felt so amazing!

Not to mention (one of the most important finds of the day!) Netflix finally updated their video "instant" list to include "Weeds" Seasons 3-5....* amazing is that?

Anyways...heading back to watching Weeds...I can't find my husband....he's too quiet. Oh wait, he got a new toy...never mind, it's normal. :)

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