Wednesday, September 23, 2009

First Timer

I think I had a blog a while back but I don't really know what happened to it....Oh well.

After seeing the blogs of some other people...i thought why not? I good recipe?...add it! A funny picture?...share it! Something halarious?...pass it on!

I'm a person that can't cook, but can bake... Cakes, cookies I can do... Pastas, paninis I cannot. So if I find a recipe that actually works, I'll share it because I know there are people probably like me that are searching for an easy recipe! :)

I love Twilight as well...I'm not this CRAZY Twilighter that goes nuts and buys every piece of Twi-li product, but I enjoyed the books and am crossing my fingers that the second movie is better than the first.

Anywho...I'll try and be diligent with this blog. We shall see!

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